What if & Maybe


Career Coaching for
Young Professionals


I coach young professionals willing to develop their career in creative fields and entrepreneurial endeavours


1-on-1 coaching

Target group:

Recent graduates

Young professionals

After graduation, all professional opportunities offered in the market point towards working for a large corporation, in which you'll occupy one box in the organisational chart, with pre-defined roles. But as a creative mind with entrepreneurial drive you don't feel like a good fit. On the other hand, the entrepreneurial and creative work looks uncertain and you need a helping hand to face it. That's what I'm here for. 

When do you need it:

  • You struggle with repetitive, pre-defined roles

  • You feel the urge to learn and develop yourself both personally and professionally

  • You need to understand the big picture, and not only execute one small part of a whole

  • You feel the need to find meaning in your work

  • Creating brings you more joy than merely executing

  • You like non-linear reasoning and feel comfortable with novelty

What are we going to tap on:

  • How to deal with uncertainty in a constructive and psychologically secure manner

  • How to position yourself towards the job market

  • How to build a career upon creativity and entrepreneurship

  • How to find your calling and express your creative energy

  • Who can support you during your entrepreneurial career

From the career coaching, you may expect:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased self-efficiency

  • Enhanced perception of security towards the unknown

  • Constructive stand towards uncertainty

  • Developed sense of belonging 

  • Increased work engagement, motivation, and productivity

  • Increased resilience towards stress and fear