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Creativity has been hailed as one of the top 5 skills for professionals of the 21st century¹.

¹ Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum


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Executives and companies are struggling to embed Creativity and Innovation in their culture as core business values for the coming decades. 

The reasons are many, but specially the risk aversion, the traditional, less-risky way of doing business, and the uncertainty around outcomes are the main forces against the development of creativity and innovative mindset as core skills for the effective 21st century executive.

My executive coaching program on creativity, innovation, and creative leadership offers you:

  • Hands-on, in-company (as desired) coaching, using daily situations as cases to illustrate “theory in practice”;

  • Different views on the problems you face as a leader;

  • Tweak the way you see yourself as someone capable of delivering your best on creative leadership;

  • A comfortable, calm, open, space (as desired) so we can explore together the underlying causes of your constraints and concerns when it comes to creative endeavours;

  • The chance to identify and realize your unique creative talents;

  • Tools and techniques to enhance your insights, ideation, problem solving, and innovation skills;

  • Tools and techniques to make you comfortable towards openness, risk tolerance, uncertainty, and feedback;

From the executive coaching you may expect:

  • Increased creative leadership capacity: you will develop skills to better lead creative, innovative teams and projects;

  • Improved risk tolerance: you’ll learn how to tolerate certain risk levels without letting it paralyze you, or making you lose innovation opportunities;

  • More security towards uncertainty: uncertainty is part of the innovative and creative processes. Knowing how to deal with uncertainty without letting it overwhelm you is key to a successful creative and innovative leadership;

  • Higher openness towards team members and peers: being open to discussion of ideas and insights nurtures the creative process by the power of compound creation. One idea builds up upon another, and better versions of products and services are designed. Being open and equipped with the right mindset is a must for this process to happen as effectively as possible.

  • To respond better to the challenges facing modern society and to effectively handle challenges that forces us to go outside our routines.