What if & Maybe


Creativity Catalyst


As an Ad Hoc Creativity Catalyst, I’ll support you in specific, targeted, narrow scope projects.


Advisory / Consultancy

Execution focus


New Products and

Services Development

Creativity Catalyst Highlights.

Be it on the individual and/or on the team levels, I'll make sure your creative and innovation process flows and gives you your expected results. 

Do you need to develop new products and/or services and need additional brainpower to help your teams understand your customers’ pains, reframe established assumptions, generate fruitful ideas, and turn these ideas into products/services? Then this service might be the most suitable for you.

When do you need it:

  • You have a well-defined scope (develop certain products and/or services with basic assumptions);

  • You have your own innovation team but your ideas are just not working as expected;

  • You have time/budget constraints to increase headcount.


  • Unbiased view of your creative and innovation processes;

  • Intense analysis and execution with short- and long-term results;

  • Development of creative skills of your teams along the way;

What I will do:

  • Join your creativity and innovation team

  • Dive into your creative and innovative processes

  • Assess your goals and your current status

  • Dynamically foster insights, ideation, and feedback until testing phase

  • Follow up on development and implementation