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Co-creation Customer


Co-Creation Customer is an advanced version of the traditional ghost customer services.


Advisory / Consultancy

Execution Focused


New Products &

Services development

Co-Creation Customer Highlights.

The main difference is that it is focused on products and services still in the development phase.

For this service, I’ll work as a user of your product/service (including MVPs and prototypes) and will iterate constantly about not only feedbacks but also improvement opportunities and insights.

  • I become a user/consumer of your product/service;

  • While consuming it, I assess it from many standpoints, but specially from a customer pain- and business points of view;

  • With “one foot in each side”, we can, together, assess product/service fit, while we construct the best solution also from your business perspective.

When do you need it

  • You have a prototype, an MVP or a beta product;

  • You're redesigning an established product/service;

  • You have limited trial and feedback collection capacity;

  • You need to expedite the iteration in your product development phase


  • Expedites your product/service development phase, reducing costs and delivery lead time

  • Improves your customer fit, reducing adoption friction and increasing adoption rate

  • Enriches your development phase by adding insights to improvements, not only feedback on what your product/service lacks​

  • Avoids tunnelled vision and excessive convergent thinking from in-house product development teams