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Creativity & Innovation Advisory


As your Innovation Advisor, I’ll make sure that your innovation strategy fits your overall organization strategy, if you have the necessary resources to execute it, and much more.


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Creativity and Innovation Advisor

Together with your leaders and innovation teams, we’ll dig deep into your innovation process to have a clear picture of:

Your organisational strategy, your innovation strategy, your problem finding, problem framing, and problem-solving capabilities, processes, culture, etc.;

What is the current status of your innovation strategy:

  • Do you have a clear innovation strategy?

  • How does your innovation strategy fits your organisational strategy

  • How does your innovation strategy unfolds into plans and actionable activities

  • Do you have enough resources to put your innovation plans in place? 

  • How fit are your resources considering your innovation plans

  • Is there any strategic partnership possible?

  • How to measure, assess, adapt, and improve your innovation journey

Your creative drive inside your innovation process:

  • How do you iterate with the feedbacks from your testing phase

  • How they become new creative insights, and

  • How they influence the overall innovation process.

Your ideation dynamics:

  • How (many) ideas flow in,

  • How do you assess and rank them,

  • How you prioritize and test them;

  • How ideas are nurtured and transformed into concrete initiatives (MVPs, prototypes, etc.)

What parts of your organizational structure need further development (training/coaching) to enhance your company’s overall creativity skills.

  • Are your teams capable of having multiple views of the same problem?

  • Are the quantity and/or quality of ideas satisfactory?

  • Are ideas openly accepted or immediately rejected?

  • How do you usually transform ideas into MVPs/prototypes?

  • How open to innovation is your corporate culture?

Once the assessment phase is done, we’ll together design and implement initiatives to enhance your organizational creativity and overall innovation process. We’ll work on as many aspects as deemed necessary, but ultimately:

  • Problem finding capabilities;

  • Problem framing capabilities;

  • Problem-solving capabilities;

  • Ideation process;

  • Communication and “sales” processes in between members, teams, and departments;

  • Leadership openness and risk tolerance levels

  • Your innovation strategy

  • Innovation initiatives with measurable results

  • Improvement of the necessary resources (humans, financial, etc.) to put your innovation plans in place

  • Organisational culture 

When do you need it

  • You have your own innovation structure in-house;

  • You are willing to create/start your in-house innovation structure;

  • Your current innovation processes don’t give you the expected results;

  • You don’t know clearly what to expect from your innovation processes;

  • You don’t know how to assess the impact of your creative process within your innovation process;

  • You don’t know how to assess your innovation efficiency and efficacy;


  • Reduce risks of mismatches between Organisational Strategy and Innovation Strategy

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of allocated resources

  • Enhance company culture towards Innovation

  • Reduce trial-and-error costs by applying knowledge acquired from previous projects

  • Enhance your teams’ and leaders’ capabilities of understanding your customers’ pains and properly (unbiasedly) framing them as problems to be solved;

  • Enhance your teams’ and leaders’ problem-solving capabilities: customers’ problems become your problems; customer-centered approach to further ideate and develop solutions;

  • Improve the quality of the ideas generated by your teams: with a proper understanding of your customers’ problems, an open environment in which ideas can be shared and nurtured, and trained leadership, good ideas will naturally pop up.

  • Learn on the go: as your teams roll out ideas to the testing phase, they will learn how to iterate with constant feedback from peers and customers. Knowing how to deal with (unspoken) feedback and how to turn them into useful insights for further product/service improvement is key to your successful innovation journey.