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Career Coaching
Career Change


I coach seasoned professionals willing to switch their careers into creative fields and entrepreneurial endeavours


1-on-1 coaching

Target group:

Senior Managers

C-level executives


You have accrued a nice track record working many years - or decades - for large corporations in medium- and senior positions. You feel like your creative and entrepreneurial urges speak louder as your next step towards a fulfilling and meaningful work-life. You want to switch your work path but lacks support - technical, psychological, and strategical. I'm here to coach you into this path of meaningfulness and fulfilment.

When do you need it:

  • You feel like you have more to contribute than what you have already done - regardless of how great you did it

  • You feel the urge to learn and develop yourself both personally and professionally

  • You look for ways to keep on developing yourself and bringing meaning into your work-life

  • You feel challenged to step into the unknown

  • You lack support to face uncertainty and are afraid of failure

What are we going to tap on:

  • How to deal with uncertainty in a constructive and psychologically secure manner

  • How to switch a career towards creativity and entrepreneurship

  • How to find your calling and express your creative energy

  • Who can support you during your entrepreneurial career

  • How to cope with the switch from 9-5 mentality to the random and unpredictable entrepreneurial lifestyle

From the career coaching, you may expect:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased self-efficiency

  • Enhanced perception of security towards the unknown

  • Constructive stand towards uncertainty

  • Developed sense of belonging 

  • Increased work engagement, motivation, and productivity

  • Increased resilience towards stress and fear