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Business Advisory - Start-ups, Scale-Ups, SMEs



As a Reporting Consultant, I’ll support you in (re)designing, improving, and establishing reporting procedures in your organisation.






Budget & Planning

Customer profiles:

Later stage start-ups, scale-ups, and SMEs

So you've grown from an early-stage start-up into a later stage start-up, or even into a scale-up.

Competitors approached you interested in buying your small-but-successful business, or strategic partners are considering to invest in it to develop it further. 

As a large corporation, you decided to improve your stakeholder management practices following tighter corporate governance policies.

In all these scenarios, to a smaller or larger degree, and based on different needs, you need to establish, improve, or redesign reporting procedures, specially financial planning and analysis. 

Consultancy in Reporting will prove to be the best service for your company when your company:

  • ​Needs to implement reporting (FP&A) routines

  • Needs to improve or adapt existing reporting routines following structural changes (M&A, Investment rounds, growth, etc.)

  • Needs to establish or improve stakeholder management routines

  • Needs to showcase and clearly depict KPIs and results