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The current volunteering market has interesting characteristics worth exploring. As a baseline, it's interesting to outline some of its main characters:


Volunteers: those who give their time and/or skills during a planned activity for a group or organisation. 


Assistance institutions: either charity or not, these are not-for-profit organisations that provide social support to a wide sort of groups, from orphans to disabled elderlies; from refugees to water treatment; from animal shelter to wildlife protection.


Corporations: corporations play an important role in the volunteering market, not only through monetary donations but also through corporate volunteering programs. These programs are set up by some companies to enable their own employees to volunteer for assistance institutions with whom they have agreements in place.


In an overview, on the one side, regardless of country or region, assistance institutions are always short on volunteers. Either from a short supply of volunteers or high turnover in volunteer workforce, these institutions spare a large amount of time and energy sourcing, selecting, hiring, and managing volunteers, that could be directed to their core activities.


On the other side, work absence, low performance, and stress-related diseases cases are on the rise, with ever-high number of cases in several countries around the globe. Such cases have a wide range of causes, but the lack of meaningful work is certainly one of them. Lacking meaning from what they do, employees perform less, are more absent and frequently develop stress-related diseases, such as burnout syndrome and depression.


Volunteering has proven to be a catalyst in job performance and motivation, as a study from Rodell (2013), published in the Academy of Management Journal states:

"Results suggested that volunteering was associated with both volunteer and job meaningfulness and that the pull of meaningful volunteer work was even stronger when employees had less meaning in their jobs. The result further released the benefits of volunteering for employers. Volunteering was related to job absorption but not job interference, and it was therefore associated with better job performance."

So, if in one hand we have institutions in need of volunteers, and in the other, we have people and companies that would benefit from volunteering, why not making it easy for all of them to connect? That's the mission of Ooddee!


Ooddee connects corporations, assistance institutions, and volunteers through corporate volunteering programs. Ooddee is an all-win tool:


  • Assistance institutions have a large pool of qualified volunteerworkforce to source from;

  • Corporations can improve engagement and performance, reduce absence and turnover, using Ooddee as a retention tool;

  • Volunteers have a large pool of institutions they can choose to volunteer for while improving their life quality.


As easy as to book a room through AirBnB, Ooddee offers the chance for institutions, corporations, and volunteers to build a better society and to improve workplace wellbeing.