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For individual learners.

These programs aim to improve your learning and decision-making capabilities through quick and easy experimental methods.

Better decision making frameworks

Reduce the risks and increase your confidence throughout your decision making process.

Experimental learning

Build your own personal experiment-measure lean framework, allowing you to take an entrepreneurial approach to changing your life.

Decrease decision anxiety

Create a healthy and sustainable way of dealing with important decisions and evaluating their success. 

Increase self-awareness

Gain additional points of view and triangulate your reflection process, reducing biases and increasing clarity.

Become comfortable with risk

Use tools like Creative Problem Solving, Agile Thinking, Masterminding practices, and Positive Psychology principles to manage perceived risk.

Deal with major life changes

... such as a career pivot, jobs change, change in family structure, relocating or dealing with a life-altering decision. 

What the program includes

Select a program that suits your goals best.

Each What If & Maybe program is designed to help you overcome difficult life circumstances in a systematic manner to varying degrees of depth and assistance throughout the learning process. 

The Lean Self


incl. 21% BTW

Designed to embed Lean Principles in your daily life. You`ll improve your learning and decision-making capabilities through quick and easy experimental methods. The Lean Self helps you build your own personal experiment-measure-learn framework and equips you with the right mindset to face life challenges.

For those who

Lack clarity in decision making and are overly anxious about making decisions

Perceive high risks in their daily life decisions

Lack enough confidence to master their own lives

Frequently find themselves incurring in unnecessary costs and wasting time following poor decisions

What the program includes

24h in-person, group meetings (2 x 2h/week, 6 weeks)

Amenities (water, coffee, snacks)

Stationery and office supplies

Supporting workshop materials (canvases, journaling templates, maps)

DELIVERABLES: Journey map and action plan and the Lean Self Manual

Life coaching


incl. 21% BTW

Designed for those willing to undergo fundamental changes in their lives, in the way they see themselves and the world. The program, on an individual and exclusive basis, aims at increasing your level of self-awareness, self-confidence, and intrapersonal skills, challenging assumptions, and broadening your life perspectives.

For those who

Feel lost or overwhelmed by intense demands on daily lives

Believe they can have more fulfilling life by knowing themselves better

Are undergoing fundamental changes in their lives

Are afraid of deciding and giving next steps and 

lack structure to organize their lives and map and achieve concrete results

What the program includes

10 customizable coaching sessions

1-on-1, exclusive sessions

Flexibility about location: you come to me, or I come to you(1), or we meet online (2)

A personal coaching trajectory map and a follow up journey log book and action plans

Access to the coach’s personal network and connections (if applicable)

So what now?

If you are unsure whether this is the right next step for you or if you cannot decide which program best suits you, don't worry! You can book a FREE first session to meet your coach.

Keep reading to find out about the rest of the process
Sign up for a free session

This is where you decide which program is best for you and get to meet your coach for the first time. And no worries, there are no strings attatched after this session. You are not obliged to sign up to any program. 

Select your plan

After your first meeting you will make a final choice on which What If & Maybe program you would like to partake in.

Fill in the application form

Here, you will fill in your personal details and commit to a schedule of meetings. 

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