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For entrepreneurs and executives.

The first priority of leadership is to engage the right people, at the right times, to the right degrees in creative work.

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Coaching for executives and entrepreneurs

Designed to improve leadership, creativity, and decision-making skills in entrepreneurs and executives.


For both their personal and professional lives, this program takes into consideration the high intensity and higher stakes involved in this audience’s routines of decision-making. It builds and strengthens skill sets that will help them lead better, enhance creativity, and make better decisions.

Innovation coaching

Built for individuals and teams striving to come up with new products and services and bring them to the market.


The program goes beyond the technical structure and framework to find and frame problems, come up with and validate ideas, and test and prototype. We help companies and leaders build an innovation culture for their teams.

Coaching for executives and entrepreneurs

Executives and entrepreneurs who need to lead and inspire teams, but feel stressed when making decisions. 

Who it's for


(incl. 21% BTW)


The program is designed to be completed within

10 weeks.



one on one sessions (1 to 2 hours long)

Number of sessions


  1. Gain additional points of view and triangulate your reflection process.

  2. Reduce biases and increase clarity in decision-making. 

  3. Mirror your own reasoning process to uncover limiting beliefs and assumptions. 

  4. Learn to experiment safely and gain insights quickly.


  1. Enhanced leadership skills

  2. Higher creativity and openness to novelty

  3. Reduced stress and anxiety towards decision making

  4. Enhanced problem-solving skills

  5. Higher consistency in achieving results and goals

  6. Constructive stance towards critics and feedbacks

Individuals and teams striving to come up with new products and services and bring them to the market

Who it's for

Contact us

we will send you a customized quotation based on your goals


The program is designed to be




based on your team's needs and priorities

Number of sessions


  1. Build a technical structure and framework to find and frame problems

  2. Come up with and validate ideas

  3. Test and prototype

  4. For companies and leaders: build an innovation culture into your teams


  1. Clarity in your problem finding and framing

  2. Boost in creative ideas 

  3. Structured product development process with clear goals and achievables 

  4. Reduced costs and risks for development of new products and ideas

  5. Higher psychological safety for teams and leaders

  6. Strategic edge towards competition

  7. Efficient and effective for all sizes, from start-ups to corporations

The next step

If you are unsure whether this is the right next step for your firm, book a call with us free of charge. Our coaches will be able to guide you for the best possible outcome.

Keep reading to find out about the rest of the process
Book an introduction call

This is where you tell us your pain points so we can advise you which program will address your issues best.

Select your plan

After your first meeting you will make a final choice on which program you would like to commit to.

Fill in the application form

Here, you will fill in your personal details and commit to a schedule of meetings. 

Innovation coaching

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