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Business Coaching gives you clarity on your decision-making process, de-risking it and increasing the chances of successful outcomes


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Starting entrepreneurs

Seasoned entrepreneurs

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A successful business is not only the one that runs following best practices and latest, cutting edge technical knowledge, but that that has capable entrepreneurs behind it. 

The human factor embedded in the entrepreneur is of ultimate importance in a successful business, and that's part of the main pillar of my business coaching practice. Through my business coaching, entrepreneurs develop not only their technical expertise on entrepreneurship, but also their personal skills as an entrepreneur: resilience, adaptability, creativity, practical learning capabilities, self-awareness, self-confidence, and much more.

Business coaching is suitable for you when you:

  • are willing to start your career as an entrepreneur

  • are willing to take the leap from the corporate life into entrepreneurship 

  • want to de-risk decision making

  • need unbiased advice towards the entrepreneurial life

  • need expert advice towards team building, stakeholder management, and business strategy

  • need clarity amongst the random and unpredictable entrepreneurial life