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Business Advisory - Start-ups, Scale-Ups, SMEs

Business Advisory


As your Business Advisor, I’ll make sure you find and maintain the necessary fit between your products and services and your customers.




Problem-solution fit

Product-market fit

Business model fit

Customer segments:




Launching and running a business requires extensive time commitment, resilience, adaptability, and learning-on-the-go capabilities from entrepreneurs and executives.


Because of the intense dedication and immersion on the business, entrepreneurs tend to fall for tunnelled visions of their daily challenges and end up missing opportunities to succeed. Despite their high intelectual capabilities, one's expertise may not be enough to equip him with the necessary knowledge and clarity of mind to make the most suitable decisions.


This is the key point on the Business Advisory services: provide (starting) entrepreneurs with unbiased knowledge and expertise accrued through almost two decades of decision-making positions in corporate life, as well as through the entrepreneurial experience of having launched more than half a dozen businesses.


My goal is to provide entrepreneurs with clarity of mind, business cases, technical tools, and hands-on expertise to empower them to make successful decisions. 

Business Advisory is suitable for you when:

  • You need unbiased business advice

  • You need a fresh look into problems and suitable solutions

  • You need cost- and time-efficient solutions for existing problems

  • You want to de-risk business decisions

  • You need expert advice to manage stakeholders

  • You need to work on your problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and business model fit

  • You're planning to raise funds, be it equity, debt, or grants

  • You're planning to expand your business, either geographically or into other business areas