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I’m a strong advocate of and passionate about creativity and innovation. I believe one of the best business and life strategies rely on being able to adapt as fast as the world changes. Preferably, faster. And I’m a true believer that having strong principles pave the way to happiness.

These are mines:

· Be transparent, always

· Be genuine

· Listen, observe, reflect

· Be consciously bold

· Be imaginative – it costs you nothing

· Be curious

· Tame your ego

· Listen, observe, reflect

· Be humble – ask more, order less

· Count how many times you say “I don’t know”, even to yourself – the more, the better

· Listen, observe, reflect

· Be cognitively and emotionally empathic

· Be comfortable with uncertainty

· Be comfortable with bringing people and ideas together

· Did I mention “Listen, observe, reflect”?

If I could summarize my career achievements in one word, that word would be transformation. Through the last 15 years, I’ve transformed businesses and teams spread out in different countries and cultures.

I’ve turned small, family owned businesses into 9-digit yearly turnover enterprises. I’ve brought ideas to life and turned them into successful products and services. I’ve inspired, instructed, and coached leaders, teams, and individuals to find, understand, and develop the best versions of themselves. I’ve inspired and supported the change of corporate cultures that seemed unchangeable and doomed to fail.

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My mission is to transform the lives of businesses and people by using the knowledge and experience with creativity and innovation I have accrued along these years. From a struggling start-up to an incumbent in need of a creative push; from a starting entrepreneur lacking inspiration to a seasoned executive in need of coaching; from a young individual to a retired senior willing to widen up their life horizons, I’m a firm believer that the principles underlying creativity and innovation are capable of transforming your businesses and lives into the best they could ever be.

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  • MSc Innovation Management, Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University - The Netherlands

  • MBA Finance - Instituto Brasileiro de Mercados de Capitais - Brazil

  • BSc Business Administration - Universidade Federal Fluminense - Brazil


  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Executive Officer advisor

  • Finance Manager

  • Founder and Co-founder of several start-ups

  • Mentor and business advisor

  • Consultant


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Banking

  • Telecommunications

  • Oil & Gas

  • Trading

  • FMCG

  • Start-ups

  • Consulting and advisory


  • Brazil

  • United States

  • China

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • Angola

  • The Netherlands

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