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Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

I provide coaching and mentorship for young aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives.

Experiment safely and learn from practice

But first, tell me who you are so I can help you have the best learning experience

“Gustavo is a very open, interesting and perceptive individual that has a lot of knowledge in many fields. He gladly shares his experience and expertise and provides great guidance. Gustavo shared a lot of good insights about entrepreneurship, business, career and life at large.”

J. Rudhag


“I recommend any entrepreneur who wants to receive insightful advice to talk to Gustavo. He is very professional and has a broad understanding of the practicalities of business. He will definitely give you different perspectives that you, as an entrepreneur, should think about.”

M.P. Ramirez


“Great conversation with Gustavo. He is very open, non-judgmental and accommodating. He graciously shared valuable insights from his career path and gave a lot of helpful tips on how to approach career challenges in a more constructive way. Came away from the conversation feeling much more inspired and reassured that not traditional career paths outside of consulting or the like are possible!"

M. Baidoukov



What my clients say about me

Why work with me

I believe in learning by doing. In my programs you will be guided through each learning step, with a focus on execution.

Efficient learning

We don't believe that learning theory is an efficient way to reach your business goals. You have to try, reflect, rinse and repeat.


Everything we teach involves real life application and trial and error. This way the feedback you receive is objective.

Fast pace

You will learn to be comfortable with making high stakes decisions in real life scenarios, under realistic time pressure conditions.

I'm Gustavo,
your business coach

In the last 15 years, I’ve transformed businesses and teams spread out in different countries and cultures. I’ve turned small, family-owned businesses into 9-digit yearly turnover enterprises. I’ve brought to life ideas that ended up being successful products and services. I’ve inspired, instructed, and coached leaders, teams, and individuals to find, understand, and develop the best versions of themselves. I’ve inspired and supported the change of corporate cultures that seemed unchangeable and doomed to fail.


As a coach and mentor, I look for potentialities in my clients and help them develop themselves further. When it comes to businesses, I not only coach my clients through the latest methodologies and innovation frameworks, but also add creativity, problem-solving, and additional points of view in a hands-on approach.

I'm an independent learner

I would like to learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and implement better decision making practices in my own life.

I'm an entrepreneur or executive

I am a decision maker in my company. I would like to strengthen my leadership abilities and build an innovation culture within my team.

Partners and Clients

I have over 15 years of experience managing change. I've worked with entrepreneurs, big corporations and teams in periods of transition and growth.

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